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Hey everyone, thanks for reading!

I'm aiming to self publish a book of shorts and I am just starting to process of re-writing the most recent drafts.
Is anyone interested in helping me out by editing once I'm done with each story?
Currently, I'm not sure how many it will be, but I have four stories that I will mash together. I think I will probably make it six stories in all, 3 fantasy, 3 science fiction. 

Any takers? I'll need all the help with edits/critique! I can get!!

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We all fail down
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Lit account:

I am Akili Rose, famous author and writer. (I wish)
Haha, just kidding.
As you might, possibly have noticed, I'm a writer, although this place is spammed with art. Well, I have several other places for my writings, so if you are interested, I can post some of my stuff from there here as well.
A bit about me.
Let's see.
I am pretty hyper, overemotional, I have an overactive imagination, I am accepting of a lot of people as long as you are accepting of me, I can often get annoying, I love to give out hugs in both real life and here, however in real life I do not like being hugged :/ (though I have no issue with it online :P), I role play almost all kinds of genres, and I'm always willing to try new things(roleplay wise) I will take art or writing requests, but I will not write your story for you, I am not too much of a fan of fan fictions for other books-usually mine are for anime, manga, art, music, ect-I watch anime and read manga, I am in love with love(aka I'm a romantic), all my stories have some sort of romance in them. Let's see, what else can I think of? I adore and form of art created just for me (ask my friends, I don't shut up about it for WEEKS) whether it be fan art or requests, or even simple gifts, I enjoy giving more than receiving, I can be a bitch, so please excuse me, I'm not the brightest light on the lamp (but I'm not dimwit either) and...that's all I can think of for now.
Oh, yes. Other websites I am on:
Youtube; Nowhereelsetogo
Facebook; N/a
Myyearbook; n/a
wolfhome/mystic realms; AkiliRose
Wajas; AkiliRose/AkiliRose~Sales~
Iscrible; Ilica, but you will find my temoray username is usually Mistakes
Maple Story;n/a (I have several characters)
Runescape; Nalawolf


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On another note:
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