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Fekn kuht peppi by AkiliRose Fekn kuht peppi :iconakilirose:AkiliRose 1 13
Rules to be a judge:
1. You do not have to have a judge character to be a judge, but it is suggested.
2. You may participate in the OCT with an OC different from your judge OC or if you do not have a judge character.
3. You may not judge your own OC or your OC's opponent.
4. There will be 3 Judges per OC pair.
5. Judges are expected to judge fairly and to leave any feelings of resent, friendship, or love behind as they judge.
6. You must fill out a judge application and be accepted.
Times you are online:
How often are you online?:
Do you plan on having an OC in the OCT?
Do you plan on having a judge character?
Why do you want to be a judge?:
What are your strengths as a judge?:
Basically the same as the OC application. I would like to see a name, age, race, strengths, and what not. Weaknesses do not have to be put in to the public app, but you will need to be willing to tell them to me. The judge characters CAN be and likely WILL be targets for
:iconakilirose:AkiliRose 0 0
Verannia Snakes by AkiliRose Verannia Snakes :iconakilirose:AkiliRose 0 0
Subrounds/Subquests/Minirounds/Mini Quests
Subrounds/Subquests/Minirounds/Mini Quests
(All are optional)
Archie confrontation before Round 2 (Type 1):
In which your OC confronts Archie about what exactly happened in the first round and why he did so. It can be an argument, a fight, or explained by a second source;  judge, soldier, or Adelmo
Attempt at Escape before Round 2:
Try to escape. I dare you. (P.S. You can't!)
Archie Confrontation (Type 2):
Talk to Archie. Archie will come up with some extravagant lie and tell the disgruntled contestant that he understands their issues and will bring them down to the ground...when they reach the next city, of course. He claims he will make it up to them with some sort of hospitality which, in most cases, he plans to provide. (favorite foods, better rooms, special privileges) and so on and often will throw in some sort of sob story about himself or flatter the contestant just so he can say “HAHA! GOTCHA!” when the next round starts. Those who do
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Jeb by AkiliRose Jeb :iconakilirose:AkiliRose 0 0 Toby by AkiliRose Toby :iconakilirose:AkiliRose 1 0 Kaet by AkiliRose Kaet :iconakilirose:AkiliRose 2 0 Updated Adelmo by AkiliRose Updated Adelmo :iconakilirose:AkiliRose 2 0 Archie 2016 by AkiliRose Archie 2016 :iconakilirose:AkiliRose 0 0
Round Ten
Round Ten: The Ani'Ba Dar
(You fight Adelmo)
After a day spent celebrating the festival in the native village, the contestants remaining are gathered together by Archie's men, who are likely still hung over and very sluggish. Things do not get started until around noon, and after everyone had been gathered, they move out of the village and into the forest beyond. Archie's men are still in good spirits from the festive and are chattering, singing, laughing, drinking, and just having a good time.
At some point in time, while walking, Adelmo shows up, in a bad mood and glaring at whoever won the last round. He is obviously annoyed that the other contestant had won and he had not. He still carried the spear he had been using in the previous round.
As the sun begins to set and the forest grow dark, Adelmo picks a fight with one of the contestants. It is nothing more than a scuffle, but after Archie's men pull the OC and Adelmo apart, your OC knows trouble is coming. The sun sets and everyon
:iconakilirose:AkiliRose 0 0
Round 9
Round Nine: Beast Heart
(This round Ocs battle monsters in the festival they learn is called 'Battle for the beast's heart'. The winner is required to eat the hearts of the beast that is killed and then is honored for the rest of the year as a god until the next festival. They will have to battle against not only the other Ocs, but also the natives.)
Part one: At Sundown both natives and Ocs are taken into a large pit with seven heavy metal doors along the walls of the pit, from which a large assortment of sounds emit. The old man from the start of the previous round stands above the pit on a ledge, the outside of the pit lined with natives of the city and surrounding areas as well as Archie's men. The old man begins a babbling speech, which ends fairly quickly with the roar of the crowd above and the natives within. Adelmo joins those within the pit with a lethal looking spear and sneers at the nearest contestant. At the moment, five of the doors are opened and Opal cats, an Augul, an
:iconakilirose:AkiliRose 0 0
Round Eight
Round Eight: Citizen Status
You and the others are taken to a small city that seems to be in the midst of a festival. The other contestants and you are treated like valued guests, but Archie's men are treated with dislike and disdain. The streets are filled with natives selling their festival wares, food, decorations-most of which are made from the pink and blue feathers of a Gaza bird that was killed, or the hides of the man killing Ever wolves. Music fills the air, and children and young adults flock about you and the others, trying to get you to dance or play with them. Rouge vanishes, but Litonya stays, taking you all to the center of the city of clay buildings where an old man with a massive, white Everwolf at his side waits. The Ever wolf gives a growl at the sight of Litonya and Archie's men, who have begun to disperse, but otherwise is silent and calm.
The old man comes forward, raising his arms in welcome and bowing low several times as he speaks in a voice so heavily accented
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Round Seven
Round Seven: Ruler of the Sea
After a only week at sea the weather warms(this boat is fast!), land is seen and the boat pauses three miles from the shore. You are more than ready to get off the boat (or perhaps you dread leaving it) and gather on the deck to see what will happen next. Karasu and Yuedrandz, who were with you the entirety of the journey to whatever land this was are gone and have been replaced by two...women. Rouge, who looks exactly as whatever creature you desire most, and Litonya ( Credit to Snacktasticz) . Litonya glowers at everyone gathered, looking regal and very menacing while Rouge beams and begins to speak. She tells the contestants that the boat can go no further and there is to be a friendly battle between everyone to get you ready for the rounds ahead after having such a nice, lazy cruise for the past week. The rules are simple; knock everyone else from the boat and you will be granted the tit
:iconakilirose:AkiliRose 0 0
Round 6
ROUND 6: Salt from Tears
After making your way out of the icy forest, you and the others left meet with a very miserable looking Adelmo, with Karasu  and Yuedrandz Graven behind him. ( ) The source of the light you had seen earlier was still far away. Seeing the group of you Adelmo gives a disappointed huff, as if hoping the lot of you had all died. He waves you closer and points a tightly closed fist in the direction of a  massive river which, oddly enough, is running as swiftly as if it were spring.
“Cross that. Pair up. Kill the others. Only a certain number can come on the ship.” He grunts, before turning away and leaving you with the two strange judges who swiftly begin to help loading whatever items you have with you into the nearest boat. If you ask any questions they will give you some sort of explanation. The river is coming directly from the sea; the boat
:iconakilirose:AkiliRose 0 0
Round Five
ROUND FIVE: Living Fire
Archie scowled at Adelmo as the avian leaped about a bare room with  various heights and sizes of targets scattered about.
“Hold still, bird!” He snapped, aiming his hand pistol in Adelmo's general direction.
“I don't want to die! I'm still useful to you, My Lord!” Adelmo yelps, ducking barely in time.
“You are useful! As long as you quit flying about like some damned Earth Duck!!”
“Sir?” A solider calls to Archie, entering the room with a telephone. Archie pauses, and Adelmo glides over to join them, listening to whoever is speaking.
“I see, they finished, did they? Just drop a sign somewhere to tell them what to do, I am in no mood to be in charge of them. Inform me of anything interesting.” Archie snapps and tosses the phone at his soldier before turning back to Adelmo.
“Ah, an easy shot.” He sneers, yanking his robotic arm up, pointing the pistol directly at Adelmo's nose.
After the
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Round Four
After the desert round, without a word from Archie or anyone else, everyone is taken directly to an airship and placed in a room with another, who you must assume is your opponent. Each of you are given a key and told to hold on to it. The room is separated by a heavy plastic wall, each of you on one side. If you won the previous round, then you will find a good deal of supplies as well as clothes folded in one corner. When you look at the clothes you find a jacket that warms the wearer to a comfortable heat along with snow pants, a fuzzy hat, and auto defrosting goggles. When you go to look at the other supplies, you find other useful knickknacks that seem to imply you will be going somewhere very cold. The supplies may be extra comforts, or helpful tools for getting around on ice, or food, or some such.
If you lost your previous round, all you will have is the snow clothes and goggles and nothing extra. The two of you will be in the room for a good deal of time, but
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vegetables in space by Nin-kaii vegetables in space :iconnin-kaii:Nin-kaii 23 5 fancy meeting you by briannacherrygarcia fancy meeting you :iconbriannacherrygarcia:briannacherrygarcia 47,997 4,759 Scorched earth by arcipello Scorched earth :iconarcipello:arcipello 47,511 1,952 Connection by yuumei Connection :iconyuumei:yuumei 54,740 2,294
Through the looking glass IV
The monster is rearing its ugly head.
The beast that I always keep under lock and key is slipping out when he tore her away from my arms. I have no claim on Kyoko and I can’t dictate what she should or shouldn’t do. But to have this young boy that made her to the bitter girl I first encountered that February. He have hurt her more then he imagined, but out of the ashes she rose like a phoenix her spirit became fire and her passion became her drive.
I fell for that fiery yet kind spirit and I wouldn’t want to be without her. Even if that means I can never be hers or she be mine.
“Fuwa-san we were only rehearsing for the dance scene that is to come later in the script, I was just giving her advice on how to dance. She was in no danger or harm and if anything you are the one hurting her.” Keeping my voice cool and low, my eyes fell on her I could see the fear in her eyes and it wounded me to think that I was the one that frightened her, just another reminder
:iconarizunoshojo:ArizunoShojo 2 1
Tolly Request Colored by Chikara-Redwing Tolly Request Colored :iconchikara-redwing:Chikara-Redwing 4 7 Captain Jack Sparrow by JPRart Captain Jack Sparrow :iconjprart:JPRart 35,700 5,512 Source by kil1k Source :iconkil1k:kil1k 22,853 2,614 Death Rides a Pale Trike by mjranum-stock Death Rides a Pale Trike :iconmjranum-stock:mjranum-stock 25,446 2,916 smile for the camera by briannacherrygarcia smile for the camera :iconbriannacherrygarcia:briannacherrygarcia 81,116 13,902 Death Note: This Is Heaven by behindinfinity Death Note: This Is Heaven :iconbehindinfinity:behindinfinity 81,851 15,499 hades and persephone 2 by sandara hades and persephone 2 :iconsandara:sandara 144,483 11,183 Half face by yournamehere8888 Half face :iconyournamehere8888:yournamehere8888 2 5 Thor-The Hobbit: a bunch of unexpected guests by Kibbitzer Thor-The Hobbit: a bunch of unexpected guests :iconkibbitzer:Kibbitzer 7,905 379 I know you are asexual buuuut..... by Kibbitzer I know you are asexual buuuut..... :iconkibbitzer:Kibbitzer 4,243 641 Gunmetal Graves by gavi-gavi Gunmetal Graves :icongavi-gavi:gavi-gavi 283 20
If you did not notice, Verannia is gone! 
I don't have the time nor the motivation for it, so I scrapped it. To those of you who know what it is or are curious, feel free to check the stuff for it out, I'll leave it up here, but I'm I dunno, but I don't have the energy for it. Sorry.

I'm probably gunna start posting random crap about my puppy and my persona, but not very often.
Not too active anymore.
So yeah.
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We all fail down
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm Akili Rose.
Or, as some enjoy calling me 'Kili. Whichever you wish or prefer to call me. ^.^

I am a writer, and it is a dream of mine to be able to make a living off writing...Unfortunately that is not happening at this point in time. (It might help if I actually published something, heh...)

I am a fun loving person, friendly towards just about everyone as long as limits are respected.I enjoy making little doodles as well as writing, and most of what you will see here will be such doodles.
I am hosting a OCT type thing called Verannia. It is currently under construction after several years on pause. I plan for it to be self efficient, and hopefully it will work out that way. If you have advice or suggestions, I'm all ears!
If yu plan to use my stuff for some reason or repost it somewhere, please let me know! Obviously Verannia stuff you don't really need to do that, as half the stuff isn't even mine! But stories, characters, settings, and whatnot that I have created, I expect you to respect the fact that they are mine
And they are squishy and I will name them squishy and...

I'm not on very often, please forgive me of that, I've two jobs and a zoo (not really) to deal with at home, and often times it can be overwhelming.
So yeah.
Nice to meet you!

Oh, yes. Other websites I am on:
wolfhome/mystic realms; AkiliRose
Wajas; AkiliRose/AkiliRose~Sales~
Iscrible; Ilica, but you will find my temoray username is usually Mistakes
Second Life: phantombird resident
Runescape; Nalawolf





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